Thoughts: Dark Tower is one story tall

In what could be Stephen King's masterpiece work has instead been turned into an over-zealous Hollywood action picture. The Dark Tower could have been something special, but instead, Sony has tried to make an over-the-top action adventure film that loses it's heart half way through the film. Even the strong performance of Idris Elba can't save this movie as a greased up Matthew McConaughey with various, unspecified powers strolls through the film without purpose and a severe lack of direction. 

On paper, this could have been a great movie with leads in Idris Elba as the gunslinger, which he plays great and could be the best part of the movie. That is until the end where a CGI-fest ensues and takes away all the believable credit that was built up. Meanwhile, McConaughey plays his role half-heartedly and at times, way over the top as the man in black. It's these inconsistencies that make The Dark Tower bearable at times instead of the snooze-fest it could have been. 

Now, I was able to see sneak preview of this movie back in October of last year and I actually enjoyed that version more, even if some of the effects were incomplete at the time of viewing. Jackie Earle Haley had a bigger role then and the ending was completely different where they had Tom Taylor (Jake) die at the end only to be a whispering ghost for Idris Elba to find him in what could have been a sequel. Now, this movie is in trouble and could be yet another flop for Sony Pictures.

- Mike