Thoughts: Detroit Riot City

Katheryn Bigelow's new film Detroit follows the events of the Algiers Hotel shooting on July 25th, 1976. This movie uses court testimony and eyewitness accounts to construct the narrative of the film. With that in mind, Detroit doesn't shy away from police brutality and civilian riots. Much like The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, Bigelow puts the audience in the middle of high stress situations with no room for error. 

There is no true protagonist as the film juggles several perspectives during the film in order to convey misdirection, confusion, and a whole narrative when told from start to finish. The movie highlights racism, which is obvious from the beginning, but also law enforcement bonds and deception. It goes from the nights events to the trial and shows it all and how one night can change people. John Boyega and Will "eyebrows-kid" Poulter shine in this film on opposite sides of the same law. 

This movie won't be every ones cup of tea as it has heavy themes running through it all. It's well made and tells a good story, it just lacks entertainment value. There's nothing bad about it, and should be seen by everybody, just be prepared for a heavy movie.

- Mike