Thoughts: Last Chance U: Redemption

Netflix original docu-series Last Chance U is back for a second season and this time around it's all about redemption. Being able to see how you act and receive criticism from everybody via the Internet changes how people react and then act the second time around. Coaches and players go into this season knowing people watching will be highly critical of their actions on and off the field. However, that doesn't stop them from acting like idiots.

Last Chance U highlights one of the top community colleges in the country as they seek redemption from a terrible season-ending fight last year. Everyone is more aware of their emotions and more aware of their actions, or that's what they say. After episode 3, everybody falls right into their same roles of overreacting coach and dumb football players. There's just enough off-the-field drama this season to make up for the lack of on-the-field play makers. The players make it interesting, more than the coaches, this time around with even more off field aspects including religion, marriage, and court charges.

I look forward to this each season to scratch my pre-football itch. I love the drama and the football action put forward in these docu-series. It's interesting to me and to anybody who has played football or wishes they could play college football. Now i'm ready to gear up for football season.

- Mike