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Kacey's finest hour

On the Golden Hour track "Love is a Wild Thing," Kacey Musgraves likens love to a plant growing  in places where it thrives and where it struggles, like a flower blooming through a crack in concrete. This not only describes her budding relationship with her new husband, but also the record's sound; Kacey's music has grown beyond its country roots to become something truly special.

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Justin Timberlake gets lost in the Woods

On Sunday Justin Timberlake will have performed in front of what may have been the biggest television audience of all time at Super Bowl LII. When this was announced last year, it made perfect sense; he seemed like a relatively safe and likable choice, a megastar with a sense of humor. But in a post Man of the Woods world, I'm left wondering where that stardom and humor have gone.

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Thoughts: Kesha's Rainbow shows her true colors

We as a society owe Kesha Sebert an apology. When she burst onto the scene in 2010 with the megahit "Tik Tok" she was dismissed as a Gaga wannabe, a pop flash in the pan. Since then, of course, Kesha has dropped the both the "$" and the pretense. She's a genuine songwriter who has had to struggle with some serious shit. Rainbow is at last her signature document, a work that shows her range, her willingness to experiment, and most of all, her strength.

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