I Love Simon is a love story for everyone


Where do I begin with Love, Simon? Oddly enough, that's the same question the film tries to answer. It's a film for everybody, which at first seems strange for a film about a teenage boy coming to terms with what love is and whom he loves. 

Love, Simon is the most contemporary film about high school to come out since Easy A back in 2010. It's not every year a film like this comes along that is inspirational and self-reflective on the times we live in. Sure, it's about a boy revealing to the world that he is gay, but it is about so much more. There's deception, blackmail, family drama, and mystery all without getting to the main characters story of finding love. It's a simple story but eventually grows to its final climax and has your cheering on Simon as he goes for a grand gesture by the end of the film. It also helps that there are two gay characters that show how homosexuality isn't about your appearance or how you act, but how you feel on the inside. The one thing this film does great is go through all the different ways people approach somebody who announces that they are gay from denial, to mocking, to acceptance, and even doubt. It's quite a remarkable achievement that a film like that can be so eye-opening and spot-on when dealing with a sensitive subject for some.

When it comes to high school films, Love, Simon is nothing short of exceptional and in no way just another generic film about finding love. While it does have its usual quirks and high school cliches, it does so much to show love in this day and age that's something to be admired. 

- Mike