Lara Croft, Film Raider


Square Enix, now armed with a film production unit, has brought one of its properties to the big screen in the hopes of starting a new franchise. Instead of a globetrotting adventure, Alicia Vikander takes us to the beginning in this retelling of a video game legend. 

Based of the massively popular video game series Tomb Raider, Lara Croft is featured in her third film adaptation. Newcomer Alicia Vikander shows off her strength (and her running ability) to track down her lost father, which turns into preventing a deadly curse that threatens to destroy the world. She plays the role exceptionally well and nothing goes super over-the-top (until the end), which gives the film a sense of realism and keeps it grounded, for the most part. While the film does a good job of keeping you entertained, it definitely felt like a video game in parts; which I can only assume is what they were going for. However, it does leave you with something to be desired, whether it's a bigger set piece or a more real sense of danger.. 

This rebooted Tomb Raider film hits all of its marks, but you kind of wish they would have aimed a little bit higher. Alicia Vikander is great, but the supporting cast isn't much to look at or even be remembered by. It's a passable film but nothing to go out and see right away. 

- Mike