Thoughts: Ninja go see something else


The latest LEGO Movie is out and its about Ninjas. Well, its about family, but also about Ninjas, and also Jackie Chan. 

The LEGO Ninjago movie is a mixed bag (pun intended) of the previous LEGO movies. It takes the family themes from The LEGO Batman Movie and the importance of being yourself from The LEGO Movie and smashes them together. Maybe that's why it needed 5 different re-writes to get a straight through story line? Using a cavalcade of B-list actors to voice the Ninjas helps the world feel unique, but doesn't make it memorable or provide the heart previous LEGO movies have had. Turns out if you put a half-concocted story behind half enthusiastic voices, it doesn't add up to much. 

Lead voices Dave Franco and Justin Theroux turn in okay performance but then again, the script doesn't leave much room to improve on their own. I can't really say much about the performances as the film tries to balance several characters at the same time on screen and relegates everyone to one liners. Really, aside from the main characters, everyone else is just along for the ride and don't improve themselves as characters. Again, I chalk that one up to the poor writing. 

You can skip out on this LEGO film. It brings nothing new to the table and feels like it was made by the B-team. Ninja-go see something else. 

- Mike