Thoughts: Hitman's Bodyguard is better than expected


What would you do for love? Would you protect your greatest enemy for love? That's the basic premise for The Hitman's Bodyguard

Samuel L Jackson stars as the titular Hitman and is paired up with the titular Bodyguard Ryan Reynolds in this comedic action film. Dead-set on exposing corruption in Interpol, this euro trip film provides great banter with some excellent gun fight choreography. Not just gun fights, but car chases and explosions make this film a fun ride from start to finish. 

At the core of this film is a love story. Doing everything you can for love while still trying to end up on the right side of the law. Love, and the excessive use of the phrase "motherfucker" run rampant through this film. Some of it is used appropriately, but most of it is used as filler. Also, the plot can be seen coming early and often where surprises become ineffective. 

If you happen to catch this in theaters, you won't be disappointed. However, stream it when it comes out and watch it with some friends. It can provide a good laugh, or at the very least, a good drinking game.  

 - Mike