WarioWare Gold is microgame perfection


First things first: WarioWare Gold is not just a Greatest Hits collection of Wario's finest microgames. Sure, the game is packed with remasters, but it's also full of new games and surprises. It's a package bursting with everything that's awesome about the series, and Nintendo as a whole.

If you've played the Game Boy Advance or DS WarioWare games (Mega Microgame$, Twisted, or Touched), you'll recognize the basic structure of Gold. A story mode takes you through each character's game collection, each with a unique theme. They're also divided by control scheme, as each of the previous games had a special twist on how to play. Mash mode is the classic control pad and A button approach, Twist has you turning the 3DS side to side, and Touch has you using your stylus. Later Ultra modes combine all three together, adding extra challenge.

The characters all return from previous WarioWare titles, including the fashionable Mona, the alien Orbulon, and the family of Nintendo fans 5, 9, and 18-Volt. The series has always had a crazy sense of humor, and Gold takes this to its logical conclusion with insane, fully voice-acted cutscenes for each character. It was jarring at first to hear Wario speak in full sentences, but once I got further into the game it seemed to match the sheer absurdity of it all.

The story isn't long; I was able to finish everyone's games in just a few hours. Thankfully the game is packed with extra features. There's a achievement-esque list of tasks to complete, an index of every microgame, and a mission mode with new rules to follow. Everything in the game earns you coins which can be used in a capsule machine. There you can unlock cool minigames that can even be played with friends. There's even a gallery of Nintendo toys and consoles in there with facts and pictures, reminiscent of the trophies in Super Smash Bros.

WarioWare Gold is a love letter to the series that still continues to surprise me. It's not just nostalgia; even the new features are fun and addictive. I wasn't expecting it to be such a complete package, so if you've ever loved WarioWare, here's an excuse to dust off your 3DS.