Thoughts: Cloverfield Paradox Mess


The third film in the Cloverfield series tries its best to explain everything that has happened before and what we can expect to come. However, in doing so, it creates a mess that isn't easily remedied or understandable. 

In an attempt to create a new energy source, a team of engineers use a space station to slam particles together in hopes of solving the energy crisis on earth. Things go wrong as they always do when dealing with high levels of energy and the crew crosses over to another dimension and alternate universe. While the story is flimsy at best and the drama doesn't give much to feel for, its entertaining for what it tries to accomplish.

The main problem with this paradox is that it opens the door for anything to be anything. When you cross universes, it leaves everything open for interpretation and nothing is ever concrete. While it may be good from a writers perspective where you basically have open freedom to do whatever you want, it can be a pain for an audience to keep track of everything in order or for anything to come. Cloverfield could turn into a good anthology series, but its too open to care for. 

- Mike