Thoughts: When We First Met


The new Netflix film from Adam Devine comes out as the perfect Valentine's Day film for you to watch. It's smart, funny, and a bit cheesy at times but not too much to where it overwhelms you. 

Now, normally I don't like Adam Devine's comedy styling as it can be crude and over the top at times. That may be because he writes his own stuff and goes way over the top for comedic purposes. When We First Met was written by John Whittington who wrote the screenplay for both LEGO movies that came out last year. This film is smartly written and has heart that makes you care for each relationship. The time travel gimmick works by showing the results of events gone by 3 years in the future which results in awkward situations and funny outcomes from one night. 

It's rare that a romantic comedy comes along that's enjoyable for both men and women. Adam Devine is a delight time traveling and making things awkward and funny. It's also nice to see Alexandra Daddario testing her comedic chops following last year's Baywatch. If you're in a romantic mood and are looking for a good romantic comedy, When We First Met is well worth your time. 

- Mike