Pitch Perfect 3 retreads familiar ground with the same charm


Do we really need a third installment in what was ultimately a one-off film about an acapella group led by Anna Kendrick? Yes.. and no.. and maybe I'm a bit happy these still exist. They are fun and full of music and, of course, Anna Kendrick.

So, there's not a whole lot of meat in terms of plot when it comes to these types of films. The Bellas are back and on a USO tour where one act gets a chance at a record deal with DJ Khaled and a shot at stardom. The twist is that the acapella group is up against actual musicians with actual instruments. Now, that may make for a nice competition, but you soon realize that there is only room for one star in this film. 

While the group may be enjoying the bonding, Anna Kendrick is busy trying to prove to herself that she can be a record producer and for people to take her seriously. It's nice to see that she is still chasing the dream she set out in the first film and visibly shows that she has the talent to achieve that dream. Unfortunately, she is still seen as just eye candy for most of the film, but does show her vocal talent on a continuous basis. But that's the best part of the film as every other story line is thinly veiled and severely under developed.

Pitch Perfect 3 is a far cry from a perfect film, but it does provide the right amount of fun and musical inquiry to keep you entertained. It also puts a nice little bow on The Bellas as they enter the real world at the end of the film. 

- Mike