Thoughts: Wonderful Woman

DC has a savior, and no its not Gal Gadot. I'm talking about the minds behind the Wonder Woman movie, director Patty Jenkins and writer Allan Heinberg. Wonder Woman is a beautifully crafted film that balances being a super hero movie and a movie about war. 

Taking place during The Great War (WWI) pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes and is saved by Diana (Gal Gadot) where he tells of the war going on. Diana leaves with Steve and together set out to end the war. Along the way, Diana must use her godlike powers to traverse the battle grounds while learning the true cost of war. 

Its very easy to compare this movie to that of Marvel's Captain America. Both deal with super powered people dressed in red white and blue trying to end a war. However, the similarities end there as the dark, gritty DC tones shine brightly through. Director Patty Jenkins gives this movie its soul by crafting a strong heroine who learns and grows through the movie. It is a nice balance of real world problems and over the top, comic book tropes.  

This movie isn't perfect after all. The movie takes a sharp turn in the middle and goes full on war movie with espionage and battle lines. Patty Jenkins can definitely shoot a war film, but somewhere down the line it remembers that it's supposed to be a super hero movie and just like that it's as if DC gave the controls back to  Zack Snyder to finish the film. The ending is far from perfect and misses on its running themes of war and evil to give it that Hollywood ending. 

Overall, this is the movie to hopefully put DC on track. This is a strong movie that DC can learn from in keeping things grounded with high stakes and showing the darker real world side of comic book movies.