Thoughts: Transformers Goodnight

Let's be honest, nobody goes into a Transformers movie expecting a groundbreaking movie. Hell, if robots transform into cars and punch each other it can be passable. What Transformers: The Last Knight does is by far spectacular in it not even achieving the low bar set for Transformers

Michael Bay is back behind the camera for this fifth installment and he has lost his touch. The story (if you can call it that) revolves around King Arthur (yes, he's real) and how Transformers have been around all along. Even in WWII (and nobody knew) as flashbacks and unnecessary back stories lead nowhere. There is even a child literally thrown in for the sake of child star and does nothing important for the plot. They at least try to make the "hot girl" important in the plot but that is riddled with holes and a general what-the-fuck-is-even-happening. 

If this movie was supposed to sell toys, it clearly misses that mark as no new Transformers were introduced to make an impact. If this movie was supposed to move the story, it moved maybe an inch. If this was supposed to be the last transformers movie, then why does it tease the transformer we all want to see which is Unicron at the end of the movie. Also, there's baby Dinobots thrown in there for some reason. 

Lets lay this franchise to rest and either let a new director in charge or a new creative team behind the scenes. Call me when the Autobots finally get their shit together and combine into Ultra Prime, then maybe I'll be interested again. 

- Mike