Thoughts: Cars 3 Legacy

Well, its better than Cars 2, but that's not a high bar to meet. While Cars was about taking it slow, Cars 3 is about to take it even slower as retirement looms for Lightning McQueen. He's now the old car in a field of new hot shot racers designed to be better, faster, and stronger. The start of this movie had a Rocky Balboa feel to it, but lost its themes along the way as the ending is super predictable. 

This movie isn't what I expected nor is it what I wanted from this franchise. In what could have been a movie about accepting retirement and moving to the next stage in life, it instead becomes an hour and half struggle to get to the end of this movie. Even the ending is complete bull shit as it tries to pull off a switcheroo that fails to tug at the heart. 

I think its safe to say this is the end for Cars as a franchise. That is unless it sells a bunch of merchandise. What am I saying, of course it will. So I guess we'll wait until Cars 4 at this point. 

- Mike