Thoughts: Watch Baywatch another time

Baywatch shows what happens when you take the idea of 21 Jump Street and completely miss the point of what made it special. The jokes don't quite hit and there are no laugh out loud moments. 

Even with the charm of Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, this movie has very little going for it. A villain with a paper-thin motive, the awkward shy guy, and the over-the-top drug plot are all tropes in this movie we are tired of seeing. What could have been special was washed away with the tide of pop star jokes and bad writing. 

Maybe catch this on HBO, as this movie reminds me of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Its a movie that has the right elements in front of it, but fails when they try to make it too Hollywood. Its not a bad movie, just missed on things that could make it worthwhile. 

- Mike