Wonder is the film your parents need


Growing up is hard. Growing up with a physical deformity is unfair. However, that shouldn't stop you from having friends or living a normal life. That's the idea behind the book-turned-movie Wonder

What should have been a place for something new and unexpected instead becomes a run of the mill, unimaginative story. At first it looked like a film about how parents should go about treating their son who is different, and then it seemed like it was about how kids are mean no matter what age. But in the end it's just a regular film about how everybody has issues or problems, just that some can be seen in the surface while others are hidden behind closed doors.  

I wish this film didn't change perspectives several times throughout the film and instead revealed the at home drama through other means. The switch can be jarring, but you are given visual cues for when it does happen. That's not to say this film has special moments, but rather those moments don't make up for the lackluster story being told. The film leaves you wondering if any of this really mattered or if you would behave differently in their situations. 

- Mike