Call Me By Your Name another time


One movie that seems to be sweeping the independent awards is the film Call Me By Your Name. Now, if you're looking for an art-house film that is near true to what you think that may consist of, then look no further. This subject material and style take the meaning of independent picture to its core. 

Let's start with the plot. It's based in early 1980s Italy where a pupil visits a professor's home and stays there while examining ancient Greek sculptures. Now, add to that the professor's son who is coming of age and learning about his body and sexuality through the girl down the road. Oh, but wait, the boy also finds the pupil attractive and then pursues him in a sexual manner. Also, they're Jewish and have a tightly knit family with grandmother staying with them who is very traditional. And there are subtitles for when they speak Italian. That sounds like an independent film and one that greatly accepts that role. 

Armie Hammer plays the role of the pupil and that's all the star power this film gets as he bears all in this film. Yup, I've seen more of Armor Hammer than I would rather have seen in my lifetime. Further, he has intimate relations with the young boy and not in the "alleged" sense of the word, but rather shows them getting very naked and very physical with each other. Safe to say don't watch this movie with your parents in the room. 

Despite all this, the film tells a solid story about coming of age and the sexual urges we have towards beauty. Whether it takes the form of a girl or boy or sculptures, sometimes we are simply powerless to beauty. The film does a great job of showcasing this beauty between art and reality. It represents a fine line of tantalizing fantasy and the true nature of exploring one's desires.  

While I can see why the critics are in love with this film, I cannot recommend it to the general audience. Most people aren't ready for a summer romp, even if Moonlight did win for Best Picture last year. It's worth checking out if you're into independent films, but see it while streaming if it will even get there.

- Mike