The Perfect Disaster Artist


The Room is widely considered to be one of the worst films ever made. So naturally it would seem improbable that there is a film made about the creation of that disaster of a film and it's turning out surprisingly well.

James Franco takes the first steps at trying to understand the man that is Tommy Wiseau, a relative unknown with a mysterious past, as he tries to make it in Hollywood with his friend Greg Sistero, played by James' brother Dave Franco. This Franco combo never undermines the story as you can easily forget or never believe that they are brothers as they tackle complex characters who desire the same thing, but go at it completely differently. One of the biggest hurdles this film has is that it's all true. Everything in the movie actually happened and its such a farfetched concept that is very unbelievable, yet still a true story.  

What keeps this film grounded, and overall makes it work as a film, is this simple goal of being a Hollywood star. You see the struggles of an actor and the desire to succeed that you root for them to do something good or get the break they both desperately seek. It humanizes these otherwise over-the-top people chasing their dreams. That conflict keeps you invested through all the ridiculously absurd things that happen behind the camera as they make The Room.  

You don't need to have seen The Room or know what it is to enjoy The Disaster Artist. James Franco delivers a beast of a performance to get people to understand the actions and mystery of Tommy Wiseau. This may not be the typical comedy coming from James Franco and Seth Rogen, but its one you shouldn't miss.

- Mike