Thoughts: Thor Rangnarok Your World


If you read my Spider-Man: Homecoming review then thank you - but you would have noticed I wasn't quite as high up on it as most people. That being said, I had high hopes for Thor: Ragnarok since it was announced. 

I can safely say that it does live up to everything you would want from Thor and a Marvel movie. Just how strong is Thor when he's faced with annihilation and the loss of his hammer?  That's the central question of the movie and everything we see comes from a place of necessity for Thor. The need to be stronger, the need to save Asgard, and the need to avenge his father. 

The other major player in this film is Hulk. Marvel has decides to include parts of the Planet Hulk story line here and it works. Hulk plays a major part in this film and gets him ready for Infinity War coming up next year. Bruce Banner also breaks through the film as only Mark Ruffalo can with his wit and charm. Come for Thor but stay for Hulk.  

What makes this film stand out from others is the score. The nice use of electronic/industrial tones mixed with classic rock makes for a uniqe sounding experience. It sets itself apart from other bland scores of Dr. Strange and Spider-Man to accompany the experience rather than being generic white-bread superhero themes.  

Put simply, this film sets up high stakes and delivers with every punch, line, and scene. The fights are epic and memorable while not feeling overwhelmed or bloated set pieces. There's great chemistry between characters and a fine payoff after three adventures shared with the world of Thor. This is the film Marvel promised and delivers to set up not only the future of Thor, but the much anticipated Infinity War movie.

- Mike