Thoughts: Murder on the Orient Express


If you didn't read the book, then Murder on the Orient Express will twist and turn you until the end. If you have read the book, you may be wondering why you saw this movie. 

Director and star Kenneth Bragnaugh supports a dastardly tale of murder on a train where you must find out who killed Johnny Depp's acting career. (Ed. Note: It's Amber Heard, and good job Amber.) The film delves into each person's possible motives and alibis for committing the crime. It does well to hold your attention through and through with every part adding to the mystery. That's about all the highs this film gives as the mystery happens while the train is stopped against a ticking time clock to free the stalled Orient Express. 

The biggest drawback is Bragnaugh's accent as it can be tough at times to understand what he is saying. If you can understand him throughout the film then you'll have a more enjoyable time. His French accent as thick as his moustache and also very in your face. 

At times the film feels like a slog as you go through 12 possible suspects, and that's a lot. Even though each character is unique and none repeat, they seem to run together at the end. The murderer reveal is done very nicely if it takes about 2 hours to get to. There isn't quite a lot to complain about as it is all executed quite nicely, it just doesn't excite as a "big" movie since it is based off a rather old book.  

Murder on the Orient Express is done very well and may even cause you to tear up in the end. Props for getting the setting done just right and the costumes on point. If you haven't read the book or if its been a while then you'll have an enjoyable time watching this film.  

- Mike