Thoughts: Jigsaw stirs up confusion


It's Halloween 2007 all over again as master survival expert Jisgaw is back to terrorize unsuspecting victims with his torture devices. This time, however, it's not enough to just survive, but also determine who is doing the killing. 

Fans of the Saw movies will have much to be pleased with this new entry as it tries to reinvigorate a dead franchise. Its been 7 years since the last Saw film and it has the daunting task of filling in the Jigsaw role with someone new. Throughout the movie you're trying to figure out who the new killer is, while enjoying the torture porn on display. Once the reveal happens, everything else seems obvious, or maybe a bit more complicated. Possible spoilers ahead. 

Once we the audience are told who the new killer is, the film and ideology of the Saw franchise begins to undo itself. Jigsaw himself breaks his own rules with the games he provides, as well as the victims chosen for the new games. They become less about the idea of rebirth, and more about killing in a winless game. There is nothing satisfying about watching a rigged game, or even being admitted that it is a rigged game. 

What was supposed to be a revival turns out to be a cheap copycat. Much like the new Jigsaw from this film, the original has more depth and substance than this cheap imitation. Fans of the series will enjoy the new torture devices, but don't think too hard about the plot, since it will fall apart much like the finale of this movie.

- Mike

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