Thoughts: Shadow of More-dor


Middle-earth: Shadow of War is the long-awaited sequel to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. A game that was delayed likely to accompany both HDR and 4K graphics for the new systems. But was the delay worth the wait?

In short, yes it was. In long form, this game reminded me of how much fun I had playing the first game. The stealth, the killing, the ranking, the killing, the traversing, the killing, the murdering, the killing. There is oh so much killing in this game.

The short premise: You go around Mordor and build an army of Orcs to conquer each region. The more you conquer the bigger your army becomes, the higher rank you climb. Unlike the first game where it was only one region and one army, this game is divided into 5 regions, each with its own leader you have to kill. Yeah, there's a lot of bloodshed in this game. 

Graphically, its on par with Horizon: Zero Dawn, a game where you want to stop every now and again to admire the scenery and castles. The grass and trees greatly accompany each region from ice, to desert, and seaward. But the combat is where its at. The simple and smooth flow motion transition from each swing of the sword gives everything a fluid motion. With quick reactions, you should have no trouble except when you get over run by hordes of Orcs. The difficulty comes in completing specific challenges which can be infuriating as you do the same mission over and over and over. 

If you enjoy senseless killing and the world of the Middle-earth, then this is the game for you. Delve hours deep into this masterpiece to find every secret and complete every mission. Otherwise you could probably beat the main story line in a weekend.  

- Mike