Thoughts: One More Light is just one more album

Linkin Park's new album One More Light is here and critics have been giving it quite the "Meh" emoji upon initial reaction. Well don't worry- I actually quite enjoyed this album. It is a very easy listening album as only one song "Good Goodbye" is the hardest hitting on the 10 track list, but I guess that's because it also features Pusha T and Stormzy. As for the rest of the album it's definitely a softer take for Linkin Park, but I feel one of their better albums as of late. 

Not since Minutes to Midnight have I fell in love with all the tracks, yes including "Good Goodbye," on a Linkin Park album. Not only that, but the last several songs from "Invisible" onward tell quite the story and give hope for those lost in a bitter battle with themselves. This album is a more mature Linkin Park that we've seen, and with this being their 7th major studio album it's good to see they are in control of their element.

Some of my favorite tracks include "Good Goodbye" which sounds like it should be used for the NBA playoffs, but just missed the release. I enjoy "Battle Symphony" with its melodic chants and clever lyrics. All this leads to my favorite songs, yes its tie, between "Invisible" and the title track "One More Light." With "Invisible" as the lead song of the end of the album, it sets what the band is looking to do with this album and give hope to anybody who ever felt like they were invisible. As for "One More Light" this track is best served up by the bands appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, as they dedicated this song to Chris Cornell and it echoes something fierce to anybody who has suffered a close personal loss. 

Overall this album is a subdued Linkin Park and I'm okay with that. I love albums I am able to play through in its entirety and this one hits all the marks I'm looking for. It tells a good story and leaves the listener with hope for the future. One More Light is in no way Hybrid Theory but rather a subtle response to anger and loss. I can't wait to see them put this album into concert form.

- Mike