Avengers moves release date


Announced via a Twitter conversation between Robert Downey Jr and Marvel Studios, Avengers Infinity War will be releasing a week early. No longer will it debut exactly 10 years since the release of Iron Man, but now on April 27th, 2018. The big reveal came when RDJ asked Marvel if he could see the film early with his friends aka the entire world and Marvel compiled by revealing the new poster with the new date. 

Marvel's move now makes it possible to own three weekends as nothing major opening the last weekend of April. Also, since all major studios already moved out of the way for Marvel to take the first weekend of May, the move leaves it empty (for now) as it was supposed to signify the beginning of summer movie season. The only film standing in its way now is Deadpool 2 set to release May 18th, but don't be surprised if Fox decides to move up to that May 4th slot. 

While this is news in the US, for the rest of the world, this was the original international release date so nothing changes for them. Since Marvel films play extremely well overseas, they always get a weekend jump which helps generate buzz and puts the film on a good track to make money. Now, everyone around the world gets to see Avengers Infinity War on the same day leaving little room for spoilers from the rest of the world. This is nothing short of a smart move by Marvel. 

- Mike