A miniature Nintendo Direct reveals some big new games


This morning Nintendo held another one of their surprise Direct streams, this time a tad bit shorter than usual. That said, they had a handful of games to announce, as well as some DLC for some of your favorite games.

  • SquareEnix's DS classic The World Ends With You will receive a Switch re-release, this time with controller support and a some new playable content.
  • Starting Januray 31st, Pokkén Tournament DX will get some DLC characters, including the Pokémon Aegislash and Blastoise. The two will also include support characters Mega Rayquaza, Mimikyu, Mew, and Celebi.
  • The Kirby Switch game is now called Kirby Star Allies and will feature brand new abilities for Kirby to learn, Artist and Spider.
  • A demo for Dragon Quest Builders will be available today.
  • Wii U release Hyrule Warriors will receive an Ultimate Edition on Switch in the Spring, including all currently available DLC.
  • Camelot will be bringing Mario Tennis to Switch with Mario Tennis Aces. The game will include the same great tennis action alongside a story mode.
  • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will come to Switch sometime in the Summer.
  • New content for a future update of Super Mario Odyssey was revealed, including a playable Luigi for those who've finished the game, a competitive ballon-hiding mode, new camera filters, and three new outfits.
  • The female fighters from SNK's fighting series will star in the new SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy, due in the Summer.
  • Donkey Kong will be added to Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle this Spring via DLC.
  • Payday 2 will be released on Switch on February 23rd with a Switch-exclusive character.
  • EA will bring indie games Celeste and Fe in January and February, respectively.
  • Wii U platformer favorite Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze will get a Switch remaster on May 4th, complete with new character Funky Kong.
  • Cult mega-hit Dark Souls will find its way onto Switch on May 25th.

- Matt