Disney to launch own streaming service in 2019

Sorry Netflix subscribers, you'll only have one more year to get your daily Disney fix. In an unsurprising turn of events, Disney has announced they will be removing their content from streaming services that aren't owned by them by the end of 2018. A brand new, Disney-owned streaming service will be launched shortly thereafter.

If you're feeling a little whiplash, it's because it hasn't even been a year since the ink dried on the Netflix deal that promised first-run streaming for Disney's films, including Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars flicks. All of these will move to this new service sometime in 2019, so I hope you're ready to spend another $9.99 to see them all.

So yeah, this is kind of disappointing, but if you think that the world's biggest media company was going to stay out of the streaming business, you don't know CEO Bob Iger. It may actually be handy to have a Disney-only streaming service available, but my adoption will 100% be determined by its price.

- Matt