The Simpsons loses its music


Longtime composer for The Simpsons, Alf Clausen, has been ousted by the show. Alf has been the sole composer for the show since 1990 through the end of the 28th season. Clausen has conducted a 35-piece orchestra weekly for each episode enabling a wide variety of musical styles. He was let go because the show wanted to go in a different direction. 

In a statement made by the producers of The Simpsons, they said "We tremendously value Alf Clausen's contributions to the Simpsons and he will continue to have an ongoing role in the show." There's no word on what that role will be, but it may be a producer credit in name only. Clausen has won 2 Emmys for his work and received another 21 nominations for the show dating back to 1992. 

We wish Alf the best in his coming endeavors and are sad to hear he is leaving the show. This can only be bad for The Simpsons, as now virtually every component that made the show special in the '90s is now gone. This sucks.

- Mike