Taylor Swift returns with new album Reputation


After an entire year of silence and speculation, the one and only Taylor Swift has announced her next project. The new album, to be named Reputation, arrives on November 10th. A single called "Look What You Made Me Do" will release tomorrow, the first of what will likely be another set of number one hits.

Swift has teased the announcement this week with a .gif of a snake on her social media accounts, a self-aware response to a common internet nickname. Speaking of social media, Swift had erased all of her Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts in anticipation of this announcements. Fans knew something was hitting soon.

The name Reputation is a loaded choice; Taylor has made some high-profile enemies as of late, and her complete silence in the face of societal disarray has been disappointing. If her snake .gif is any indication, Taylor is aware of the criticism and will hopefully use this record as a response. I personally can't wait to hear what it is.

- Matt