A "young, black Mark Zuckerberg"

 Spike Lee

Spike Lee

Get ready for a Spike Lee joint with tech entrepreneur and rising star Chad Sanders. The series tentatively titled Archer is being described as a dark comedy and sociological thriller capturing the life of an African-American coding genius and iconoclast living in Brooklyn who has developed a dating app that reads sexual chemistry. The story is loosely based on Sanders' life and will travel between New York, Silicon Valley, and Berlin's famously sexual environment. 

Chad Sanders spent the first four years of his career at Google before serving as partner and head of business development at Dev Bootcamp. He recently founded the business development agency Archer Genius Management, which is the basis for the series title. Sanders is expected to be the creator and star of the series, as well as executive producer, writer, and director. Lee will direct the first episode and serve as an executive producer. 

There is no network currently attached to the project and no particular platform is being eyed at this point. Maybe BET or MTV would be interested in this project if they want a cable platform, otherwise STARZ has had recent success with Power. This idea sounds promising but could also be full of itself as Sanders is taking on multiple roles in this project and the driving force to get this project off the ground. 

- Mike