100 Years of Olympic Films

Criterion Collection has announced the release of 100 Years of Olympic Films, a unique box set that documents the history of the Olympic Games through the lenses of an international array of filmmakers. Available in both a 32-disc Blu-ray and a 43-disc DVD collections, you can preorder each set for $319.96 when it releases on December 5th. This collection is part of a 20 year project launched in 1996 to help the restoration process of gathering and preserving the cinematic heritage of the Olympic Games. 

Each set comes with 53 newly restored films from 41 editions of the Olympic Games. It will also include a 4K restoration of Olympia, Tokyo Olympiad, and Visions of Eight, among other titles. There will also be new scores for the silent films by composers Maud Nelissen, Donald Sosin, and Frodo ter Beek. Included along side the discs is a 216-page hardcover book featuring notes on each film, a brief history of the restoration project, and hundreds of photographs from a century of the Olympic Games. 

The films range from both Summer and Winter games and as far back as the 1912 Stockholm games up until the 2012 London games. This monumental box set is a great gift for that person who enjoys athleticism, history, and feats of strength. It's also great considering the winter Olympics are right around the corner coming in February, 2018. 

- Mike