Kenan Thompson Produces New Kids Comedy Sketch Show

He used to be All Thatbut now he's giving another group of kids a shot at it. Kenan Thompson is set to produce a new show titled Skoogle at, which is a media company that creates, acquires, distributes and curated content for kids ages 2-11. Thompson will team up with former president of Nickelodeon Entertainment Albie Hecht, who is now the CCO at 

Skoogle is being described as "The never-too-young entrepreneurial spirit that is encouraging kids everywhere to start their own businesses at any age. And have a blast doing it!" Kenan will voice Skoogle, an Alexa/Siri-like digital assistant for kids who has been created to help with their daily problems. Skoogle will satirize everything from service apps to streaming entertainment to social media.

This idea sounds like it should be right up Kenan's alley, but I'm not sure is where this should go. While getting a new show off the ground for an internet company is great, you would think someone who has been an SNL cast member for 14 years would have pull on a network. Either way, its good to see Kenan branch out and give back to a new generation as they try to make it themselves in the world of comedy.

- Mike