Kingdom Hearts 3 will release in 2018

It's almost here. The anticipation is almost over. Kingdom Hearts III is coming next year with a wide range of new worlds to explore.  

Not only did the D23 Expo provide us with a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer, but we also got to see a new world based on Toy Story. This will be Pixar's first introduction to the Kingdom Hearts franchise as the company was purchased by Disney shortly after the release of Kingdom Hearts II. The animation looks amazing and the scope of the world feels huge. We were also treated to some new Keyblade transformations as it looks like this will be a key part of the new combat system.  

Toy Story joins the already known roster of worlds, including ones based on Hercules, Tangled, Big Hero 6, and series staple Twilight Town. The end of this trailer is where the real story lies, as not only did we get confirmation that it will release sometime in 2018, but it will come out for PS4 and Xbox One. Seeing as the Kingdom Hearts main titles have always been on Playstation, it will be interesting to see if it will take use of the new Xbox One X and run at native 4K. Either way, this is exciting news all around. Is it 2018 yet? 

- Mike