Feature Wednesday: E3 2017 Report Card

The game industry's biggest circus has taken down the tents and is headed out of town. So now that all the craziness is over, what did we learn? What's the major takeaway about the future of your favorite consoles?

Let's first talk about Microsoft's Xbox One. The company revealed the mega-powerful Xbox One X, of course, which sets a high bar for home console visuals. The tech-talk was thankfully brief (I'm still not confident I know what a teraflop is), but the cavalcade of new games made it an exciting new addition to the family. the $499 price tag was right where it needs to be, too-- not necessarily the kick in the pants they need to start outselling Sony, but enough to stay in a comfortable, impulse-buy zone. Personal highlights from their roster included The Artful Escape, Tacoma, and Anthem

Microsoft: A

Sony was next, and man, have they found a niche. The Playstation 4 has little to prove these days with its stellar sales numbers, so saying this year's show was a victory lap is an understatement. I had a hard time not feeling disappointed that there wasn't some mind-bending reveal, but then again, it's hard to follow a literal console launch. They did a fairly good job of reminding us that Playstation VR is a going concern, and showed some footage that rivaled even the 4K XoneX stuff. Still, I kind of wished they would have really dug into what makes the Pro matter in a post-Scorpio world. Highlights for me included Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Spider-Man.

Sony: B-

Last but certainly not least was Nintendo. Arguably, Nintendo had the most to prove this year; the Switch has become a success, but it needs games to remain relevant. Shockingly, the company delivered. They had hit after hit at their Nintendo Direct showcase: A Switch Pokemon game is in development, Kirby and Yoshi games are on their way, Zelda DLC is coming in hot... oh, and by the way, Metroid Prime 4 exists. It was pretty much straight out of my daydreams. And that's not to mention the indisputable game of the show, Super Mario Odyssey. Their showcase finally convinced me I should buy one of those crazy things, and for someone who skipped Wii U, that's no easy feat. Highlights included Super Mario Odyssey, Metroid: Samus Returnsand Kirby.

Nintendo: A+

- Matt