Daniel Day-Lewis Retires


Considered one the greatest actors of our generation and the only actor to win three Academy Awards for Best Actor is calling it quits. The prolific actor has spent more than four decades on screen and on stage, and has garnered award after award for his impressive method acting and preparation. From confining himself to a wheelchair for My Left Foot to never dropping character on the set of Lincoln, Daniel Day-Lewis has come to define perfectionism and personify what it means to immerse yourself into a role. 

He did not give a reason for his retirement, but at the age of 60, he sure has quite the resume to hang his hat on. This is a private decision and he, nor any of his representatives, will make any further comment on the subject. He has one unannounced final film currently in post production directed by Paul Thomas Anderson about the world of high fashion. That movie has a scheduled release date of Christmas this year. 

I stand up and applaud Mr. Day-Lewis on an excellent career he has made. Truly his acting will be studied for years to come both on screen and on stage. While it says he is retiring from film, you could still see him in stage performances as that is not been ruled out yet.  

- Mike