Sports Update: We Are The Champions (Again)

After months of spectating, speculating, and spontaneous moments, we now have our champions. Sure they may be repeat champs, but isn't victory just as sweet the second time around? 

For the NBA, the Golden State Warriors are once again your champions defeating yet again the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is their second win in three years, but even more impressive is that these teams have now met in the finals the previous three years. However, this one comes with the help of Kevin Durant who became their newest player at the beginning of the year. Not only that but he also claimed the Finals MVP award which was rightly deserved by putting up 4 tripple-double games and scoring over 30pts each game. Better luck next time LeBron James, hopefully you'll stay in Cleveland and not make another decision. 

Meanwhile, the NHL also concluded with its first back-to-back champions since 1997-98. The Pittsburgh Penguins were able to hold off the Nashville Predators to lift the Stanley Cup at home again. Raising the cup was yet again, the Conn Smythe trophy winner Sidney Crosby as the back-to-back Stanley Cup MVP winner. The previous player to win that award back-to-back was current Penguins team owner and former player Mario Lemieux. Having been drafted in 2005 by the Penguins with the first overall pick, Sidney Crosby has lived up to the hype and being only 29 years old, he still has a lot more years left to play. Should he win another championship, there's no doubt his name should be in contention when talking about all time greats; not just for hockey, but for all sports. 

Now we enter the long summer as no sports champion will be crowned until the MLB at the end of October. Until then, enjoy the summer sun and take me out to a ballgame.

- Mike