Facebook TV

As strange as it sounds, or maybe its the right move, social media giant Facebook is getting into the TV business. It will be entering the scripted comedy genre by way of Mina Lefevre who recently left MTV series development. With that background, it comes to no surprise that the recently cancelled MTV show Loosely Exactly Nicole, launched by Lefevre, will be making is season 2 debut for Facebook. 

Much like what we have seen with YouTube RED, Facebook is looking to generate original content to keep viewers on their site. They seem to be targeting a young teen demographic with this show but it remains to be seen if the show will generate more viewers from moving to Facebook. Then again, it doesn't have much of a feat to jump as it only gathered 198,000 viewers during live and same day numbers. 

Facebook may be biting off more than it can chew here as even its closest competitor, YouTube RED, hasn't faired all that well in original content. It will be an all uphill battle to convince people to use Facebook TV and then have the right content for everybody to watch. Maybe if they just made original cat videos people would tune in; or better yet, buy Buzzfeed; their short videos garner millions of views. 

- Mike