E3 2017: Sony Press Conference Recap

Sony has ended their press conference, and it played out as expected. Plenty of games were shown for PS4 and for PS VR, including some footage of highly sought-after exclusives Spider-Man and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

The company opened the show with The Lost Legacy, which is a standalone adventure featuring Chloe and Uncharted 4's Nadine. The trailer showed some cutscenes and gameplay, and it looks like a more personal take on the franchise's formula.

Next up was a new adventure starring Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn, what appears to be either a DLC expansion or a standalone game like the above. The Frozen Wilds will be out later this year.

A gameplay trailer was then shown for Days Gone, a zombie game with a strong narrative and stealth approach (so, a Last of Us-like?). The detail looked amazing and the environments seemed surprisingly interactive.

Then the most surprising reveal of the presser: Monster Hunter is coming to non-Nintendo consoles. Monster Hunter: Worlds will be a brand-new game for PS4, Xbox, and PC, so MonHun nuts should get their swords ready.

While not exactly surprising, the next trailer was certainly exciting for die-hard Sony fans. There is a new Shadow of the Colossus, and it looks pretty amazing. No word on whether this is brand new or a remake, but I'm sure they'll clarify soon.

Then there was a couple of games we already know about, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and Call of Duty: WWII. The footage did look good, but these are known quantities.

Then it was VR time. These are the games they showed off for PS VR:

Then it was back to the heavy hitters. God of War got an extensive trailer that showcased the new behind-the-back camera and narrative, including a lot of Kratos being a dad. And ripping things in half. But ripping things while also being a good father. You'll get the chance to be the Dad of War in early 2018.

They then showed off Detroit: Become Human, the new game from Heavy Rain/Beyond: Two Souls team Quantic Dream. The trailer, mostly cutscenes, summarized the game's story about an android uprising. 

Then there was the inevitable Destiny 2 reel, with some exclusive content revealed for the PS4 version: An exclusive strike mission, ship, and weapon.

They wrapped up the show with Spider-Man, which may be the best-looking thing at the show. The game will not be related to the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, but I'm sure it doesn't hurt that the character will be literally everywhere soon.

Overall, not a lot of shock and surprises, which has been a highlight of previous Sony shows. Still, what was there looks solid. 

- Matt