E3 2017: Microsoft Press Conference Recap

Microsoft just wrapped up their big Xbox presser, and boy were there a ton of games. Also, welcome the Xbox One X to the world, formerly known as Scorpio.

Yes, the Scorpio is officially the Xbox One X, will launch on November 7th for $499, and will be compatible with all existing Xbox One accessories and games. They announced that the console itself is the smallest Xbox console ever and will be cooled by a "liquid cooling vapor chamber," which sounds fancy. Existing games will run in supersampled 4K (or native in certain patched games).

Then there were games; a lot of games. Here's a giant list:

Microsoft also revealed that original Xbox games will be added to the backward compatibility program, confirming Crimson Skies as one of the many titles. They also clarified that some already released games will be patched with 4K graphics compatibility, including Rocket League, Gears 4, and Final Fantasy XV.

That was a lot, but they showed the new system has impressive power and a lot of new releases. The Xbox One X is an interesting thing, and we'll see how they build it up further as we approach the launch.

- Matt