E3 2017: EA Press Conference Recap

The first press conference of E3 has just ended, and we have all the news from EA. The company showed brand new gameplay footage and revealed a couple new games and a new expansion.

The show opened with Battlefield 1, where a new map pack and a new expansion was revealed. The expansion will be called "In the Name of the Tsar" and will take place on the Eastern Front of WWI. The new mission will be available in September.

EA Sports took the stage with new footage of FIFA 18, along with a brief explanation of their goals for esports. It appears the company will be returning to the Madden Challenge tournament format that they used years ago. 

Next was new footage of the recently announced Need for Speed: Payback, which combined Burnout-style takedown racing with cinematic, Fast-and-Furious-esque cutscenes. It looks like a lot of fun, as a huge Burnout fan.

They then handed the spotlight over to EA Originals, which is the company's indie game initiative. The creator of last generation's Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons revealed his new title A Way Out. The game is a co-op only prison escape that requires splitscreen play; you won't be able to play it without a local friend. 

Bioware came onstage to reveal their new IP Anthem, which will get a full reveal tomorrow on Microsoft's stage. Look for this as a marquee Scorpio launch title, in all likelihood. 

NBA Live 18 was next, the series' return after a troubled development history. They showed just a few minutes of footage, so things are still looking questionable.

Finally, it was Star Wars time; specifically Star Wars Battlefront 2. They shared some information about the new single player campaign, which will take place between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. They then invited some YouTube personalities to play a round of the game's multiplayer.

Overall a solid showing from EA; barring the basketball, everything looked pretty great. Here's to tomorrow, when we'll learn all about Microsoft's mysterious Scorpio.

- Matt