Ubisoft introduces a new logo and new mission statement

 via Ubisoft blog

via Ubisoft blog

It's the last couple weeks before E3, the videogame industry's big party, so it's the perfect time for a fresh new look for developer/publisher Ubisoft.

The black-and-white design will replace the purple logo the company has been using since 2003. Alongside this reveal they had the following to say:

Today, we create worlds – worlds that live as video games, comics, movies, TV shows, books, and amusement park rides. Our new logo is minimalist, modern and monochromatic. It’s a window into our worlds, giving a preview of what’s to come by highlighting the artistry that goes into creating them. The swirl and the letter O are both deliberately created to be reminiscent of hand-drawn shapes and represent our human qualities of enthusiasm, curiosity and the grain de folie that Ubisoft is known for.
— https://blog.ubi.com/say-hello-new-ubisoft-swirl/

Personally I miss the rainbow they had in the 90's. But that's just me.

- Matt