End of Pokemon 3DS


We are about a month away from the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. We are also a month away from the last Pokemon game on the Nintendo 3DS. Game Freak has announced that with the rise of the Nintendo Switch, and the limits of the 3DS, that this will be the last Pokemon game for the system. 

Now don't fret; they will still be making more Pokemon games, but it won't be for the Nintendo 3DS. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be the culmination of all the work they have done with the 3DS system and pushing the handheld system to its limits. Both Nintendo and Game Freak have confirmed that a full-fledged Pokemon game was in development for the Switch, so we won't be without a new Pokemon game for very long. Still, this may the end of something special. 

Since the beginning, main Pokemon games have been on the Nintendo handheld systems dating back to the original Game Boy. While there have been Pokemon games on consoles, they have never been considered a main game. But with the rise of the Switch, will Nintendo create another handheld system for Game Freak to tackle or will it shift all focus to the Switch and console gaming. Only time will tell. 

- Mike